HKCEC’s 5G Service Has You Covered

5G smart robot "Captain C" at the HKCEC​ (Video only)

HML is proud to be one of the first buildings in Hong Kong to deliver high-speed, indoor 5G connectivity. This technological upgrade benefits HML’s status as an industry leader, committed to harnessing the attributes and advantages of smart technology to provide customers with superior service.

Visitors to HKCEC can access full 5G network coverage to enjoy faster, stable and top-quality connectivity.  Leveraging on the 5G technology, HML has also introduced a 5G smart robot "Captain C" to monitor the concourse areas, ensuring a safe environment for all.

Captain C combines 5G network with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The robot is equipped with a 360-degree, 4K high-definition surveillance camera, an infrared detection camera, and a sensor system for detecting smoke and fire. It is capable of playing a variety of roles including crowd-management implementation and pandemic-prevention measures, such as broadcasting social distancing reminders. If a visitor exhibits a high body temperature or does not wear a mask, Captain C will “call for back up” by instantly transmitting real-time images to the security control room so that appropriate follow-up actions can be taken.