Sustainability Updates

Cool Efficiency

HML works hard on energy efficiency of its own operation – and to this end has begun replacing chillers in order to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction. Committing to the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge in 2021, HML is making plans to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and net zero by 2050.

Chillers contribute to a large part of buildings’ operational carbon emissions and energy consumption, and as of this May HML had replaced seven of its chillers. Once the project is completed, the electricity consumption of the chiller plants will be reduced by 21%, equivalent to an annual reduction of 2,000 TCO2-e (tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions) or to the planting of 87,000 trees.   

Sustainability is one of HML’s guiding principles, and it is a pioneer in the use of 25-year life-cycle carbon emission analysis in the chiller replacement selection process. This involves not only considering the project investment cost, but also taking into account carbon emissions from a much longer period of chiller operation of more than two decades. This is in line with the HKCEC’s long-term planning of and vision for energy and carbon reduction.