Sustainability Updates

Enchanting & Meaningful Artworks

A new series of fabulous artworks created by artists with disabilities is now on display at HKCEC’s Congress Plus. This initiative is part of the long-term partnership between HML and the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK). 

The new works now adorning the walls of Congress Plus will bring delight to diners as their eyes feast on the colourful depictions of delicious food, while scenes of old Hong Kong, specifically Queen’s Road West and Kowloon City, recall memories of days gone by – what a great opportunity for kids to hear about what life was like in the city back then. Plus there’s the visual pleasure of admiring the artistic talent on show. Be it families enjoying a buffet dining experience or sophisticated gourmets partaking of an elegant meal, these art pieces bring a fresh and enchanting dimension to the meal.

ADAHK promotes equal opportunities for people with disabilities to have access to and excel in the arts, and acts as an advocate for an inclusive society through the arts. HML supports these talented disabled artists, helping raise their profile by leasing or buying their artworks, as well as showcasing the pieces at the HKCEC venues and in communication materials.