AI Sensor Systems – Difference Between Life and Death

With the safety of visitors the foremost priority, HML has invested in the AI Life Sense Alert System designed to ensure that in the event of an accident or sudden illness, vulnerable users can receive help in a timely manner.

 AI Life Sense Alert System is now installed in all 61 accessible toilets at the HKCEC, the first time smart accessible toilets have been introduced in an exhibition and conference facility in Hong Kong.

The system can detect a toilet user’s posture – active or static, seated or lying down. If a person has a fall or becomes motionless, an alert is sent out within five seconds via devices such as a mobile phone. Staff can then rush to the location and summon medical help immediately, thus ensuring that those in need receive attention within the crucial period between life and death. 

The AI Life Sense Alert System also provides humidity, temperature and air quality readings, facilitating monitoring of the environment in the accessible toilets and adjustment of cleaning frequency to enhance visitor experience and efficiency.